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Managair and Cooléa now provide a range of integrated, environmentally-friendly solutions for cooling and conditioning air for offices, workshops and large spaces.

These solutions are designed for businesses seeking to reduce the direct and indirect costs of indoor climate control while minimising their impact on global warming.

Offices can be equipped with high efficiency, double duct, centralised HVAC systems with heat recovery or decentralised terminal units fed by a heat pump in series with a boiler.

For workshops and large spaces, evaporative cooling with its low energy costs can be used to provide fresh air to workstations, switchrooms or any other zone requiring optimum conditions for processes and personnel.

For example, terminal units can be used for offices and double duct centralized air-conditioning systems can be used for open areas and evaporative coolers for workshops and large spaces.

This is an illustration of a 2800m2 workshop with 600m2 of office space.