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30 MWh : is the average consumption of a data centre and a city of 25,000 inhabitants.
And 1/3 of the total power consumption is dedicated to the air conditioning of a data centre !

Coolea launches range of double adiabatic flow AHU (air handling unit) with the aim to reduce drastically the power consumption while ensuring optimal conditions (temperature , humidity, air quality) for the proper functioning of servers.

These central air handling units are equipped with an energy recovery wheel (NOVADIA IT Indirect) or plate (NOVADIA IT Mix) and a system of air adiabatic cooling (direct or indirect) coupled to a cold battery.

We can distinguish three stages of operation.Example of NOVADIA I.T Indirect:

– WINTER : When the outside air is cool enough , the system operates through air recycling. The air in the data center is not mixed with the external air. The collector acts as a cooling battery.Regulating the outlet temperature is effected by varying the output of the fresh air.In this configuration the fresh air is used as cooling fluid, then it is rejected.

①condenser ②evaporator ③adiabatic

NOVADIA1- MILD WEATHER: When the outside temperature and the internal loads of the technical facility no longer allow the operation of simple recycling, indirect evaporative coolingtakes over to maintain to maintain the temperature of the air delivered.


-SUMMER : During the peak periods , when the outside temperature is high and internal gains are important , indirect adiabatic cooling is combined to the cooling coil .By operating this way, the maximum power required at the cold battery is much smaller than a conventional unit.

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