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The high performance square or linear diffusers in the DIVARIO range are designed to meet the stringent requirements for energy savings, particularly for energy efficient buildings.

The shape and position of the vanes have been carefully designed to provide optimum air diffusion for air flows between 20% and 100% from high energy efficiency terminal units, in particular those with low consumption DC fans. The diffusers exploit the Coandă effect to provide working and living conditions that meet ISO 7730.

They are designed to be very flexible to fit in with any environment. They can be stacked end to end without limit, with any number of slots and any vane angle. These diffusers can be fitted to any type of modular false ceiling simply by changing the frame profiles.

There are separate diffusers and extractor grilles as well as combined diffuser and extractors. The air filter is accessible through a trap. This range is suitable for installation in small to large commercial buildings, hospitals and hotels.

Physical characteristics

DIVARIO square and linear diffusers are enclosed in a 0.8mm thick galvanised steel casing lined with 5mm thick Melamine foam covered with an aluminium film (Euroclass B).

The diffuser grille has aerodynamic, extruded aluminium vanes with a very low air resistance minimising both the pressure drop and the noise. The spacing and perfect alignment of the vanes ensures the optimal induction of the ambient air by the fast-flowing hot or cold air from the diffuser.

The standard finish is stoved epoxy polyurethane coating, RAL 9010 white, 30% gloss. Any other RAL colour can be supplied on request.

The linear diffusers are supplied in standard lengths of 600, 675, 1200 and 1350mm.

On request, DIVARIO linear diffusers can be supplied with the length and shape of the frame sections modified for any type of T rail or self-supporting false ceiling. They can be delivered with between 2 and 8 slots depending on the air flow. The vane angles are determined by the position of the diffuser with respect to the outside walls and internal partitions and the spacing between diffusers.

Square diffusers are designed for 600 x 600 and 675 x 675 modular false ceilings. They are available as separate diffusers and combined diffuser and extractors with or without a filter accessible through a trap.

Divario Linear


  1. Ideal for: small to large commercial buildings
  2. Advantages: high induction rate using Coandă effect, aerodynamic vanes, unobtrusive
  3. Applications: luxury buildings
  4. Installation: any modular or plaster false ceiling
  5. Used with: MOKA and FUNDY terminal units
  6. Plus points: very good air diffusion, even at low air speeds


Physical characteristics

  1. Dimensions: standard lengths of 600, 675, 1200 and 1350mm, 2 to 8 slots for air flows up to 1400 m3/h
  2. Components: 5mm thick Melamine foam lining with aluminium film
  3. Options: any RAL colour, modification for any type of false ceiling

Models: separate diffusers and extractors or diffuser/extractors in the same unit, class G4 dust filter behind the extraction grille accessed by touch latches

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