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The COOL FLOW 5000 is a mobile air freshener at maximum flow of 5,000 m3 / h, which also contributes to air purification. Suitable for industry (printing , server room , workshops, … ) and tertiary ( large rooms, gyms , …), it is equipped with a timer, and remote control.

The system is simple and effective:

Placed close to a source of external air (such as a window or a door) or in a well ventilated area , the fan of the COOL FLOW 5000 circulates from outside the hot air through humid exchangers.
Dimensions: 600 x 430 x 1380 mm ( width x depth x height )

And why choose the COOL FLOW 5000© ?

Because you will not find any equivalent somewhere else!
– It is the air cooler the most efficient with an air flow rate of 3.500 m3/h and an important exchange surface: when it’s 30 °C outside, the conducting temperature is under 24° C !
– It is the only air cooler equipped with a hygrostat: if the humidity in the air becomes too high (impossible if you keep the windows open or if your room is well ventilated), the circulation pump will stop but the fan will still working.
– Its electric consumption is very low: 280 Watts !
– For an airflow rate of 5.000 m3/h, it is the most silent mobile air cooler.
– It is equipped with a timer and a remote control.
– Applications vary: from industry (small workshop, control room, server, …), tertiary (office, garden center, shop ,…) to houses (rooms, living rooms, verandas, terraces, ….)

Take advantage quickly of an economical, eco-friendly, healthy and efficient system!

Covers a surface of 35m2
Debit: 6000 m3/h
3 speeds
Remote controler included
Tank of 70 L
58 db max.
25 kg empty / 60 kg full
: 600x430x1380 mm(Length x Depth x Height)

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