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Our airTplus retrofit service is an optimised package for renovating existing air-conditioning systems. We provide a global service covering the removal of the air-conditioning terminal units from the premises and packing in patented trolleys, transport, dismantling, preparation, recycling worn parts and fitting new parts in our factory and the refitting of the renovated equipment on site. Our fitters work safely, providing a high quality service while minimising the environmental impact.

1. Performance and efficiency

The reconditioned air-conditioning terminal units comprise the original casing that has been renovated, a new low power consumption EC fan, a new cold water cooler, a hot water or electric heater and a fresh air flow controller.

The installation includes a new control system based on an open local operating network (LON) with the same connectors as the original so that the installed wiring can be used for connecting control modules, blinds and lights.

The improvement in the fan and heat exchanger performance has been verified by CETIAT (Technical Centre for HVAC Industries).

  • The operating lifetime is significantly higher than for standard terminal units: the fans have a 50,000 hour guarantee.
  • Performance: the ventilation and noise characteristics are the same as the original equipment with a 50% reduction in power consumption.

– Save 40% in operating costs per year,

– Economise on the system renovation costs.

2.Environmentally friendly: a large, negative carbon footprint in 2013

  • Renovating rather than replacing terminal units reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Our renovation service has less environmental effect than replacement by new units: 30% less greenhouse gas emissions per unit.
  • Using a trolley for transport rather than pallets reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy. The terminal units are packed in steel shuttle trolleys for transport. The product environmental study has shown that the environmental impact is much lower than transporting the terminal units on pallets.
  • Recycling worn parts: reduces the environmental impact of renovation.

All worn parts are sorted and recycled by approved recycling centres.

The use of trolleys:
– reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 26%
– reduces energy consumption by 25%
– reduces resource usage by 30%

Using trolleys saves 108 pallets over 3 years.

3.Local infrastructure

Managair is a French company in France with European partners and products. We are committed to supporting local businesses in France and abroad.