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Compact recirculated air filtration and purification system built into the terminal unit

– Suitable for hospital rooms, nurseries, care homes, etc
– Can be easily retrofitted to existing terminal units
– Class G4 dust filter

Air purification module

cassette avec filtre M7

– DBD-Lyse® technology
– Arcom® pollution sensor
– Complete air purification (volatile organic compounds, allergenic viruses, odours, moulds, etc)
– Low power consumption (the system is controlled by the pollution sensor)
– More than 4 years’ service interval (preventive maintenance is required after 20,000 hours of operation, depending on the pollution level).


DBD-Lyse® technology

– Dielectric barrier discharge reactor for photocatalytic degradation in a silica matrix (no intermediate residues).
– The organic compounds are broken down and recombine into stable water, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide molecules. 

Dust filter
Filtre à particules fines

– Class G4 pleated polypropylene filter
– Large filtration area
– Low pressure drop
– High retention
– Long life (replacement interval up to 1 year depending on the dust in the air)
– Easy access through a trap (simply press to release the two touch latches)
– Reduced service time (a few minutes for each terminal unit)

Control system

The patented Arcom® volatile organic compound sensor:

– Controls the DBD-Lyse® reactor
– Is connected to the terminal unit controller